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2006 News

Monday, 3 July 2006
Another airing for the new portable mats, this time at the Erdington Carnival in Rookery Park. It was a very hot day and with the World Cup at 4pm we knew it was going to be a bit quiet. Nevertheless we practised for 3 hours and handed out many leaflets to the people that came to watch.

Kirsty, Tom, Alison, Nicholi and Nicola went to train with the World start program at Walsall on Sunday. If chosen, the players will receive a great deal of support and training from the BJA national coaches.

Andy Marshall and Craig Homer attended the BJC AGM in Tamworth and were voted to the National Committee. Good luck to both of them in their new roles.
Monday, 26 June 2006
This weekend we got to try out our new portable mats at the Wilson Stuart school fete. We practised in front of a fairly large crowd and we seemed to go down very well. The day raised over £3000 for the school.

Sunday was a busy day with the junior players fighting at the BJC Welsh and the seniors at the BJA Kent International. Results to follow.
Monday, 19 June 2006
We took a big squad to the Commonwealth Masters Championships in Londonderry last week, and came away with an unbelievable haul of medals. Player of the tournament was Joe Johnson who dispatched all his opponents with fabulous ippon throws, a fitting result for a much respected player. A second gold went to Steve Ashford representing the 2A's, and 2 golds went to Yenton Judo Club and Erdington regular Lesley Farnell. Bronze medals were won by Colin Brearley, Clive Biggs (Solihull), Craig Homer, Les Eacock, Denneth Drysdale, Mike Fyfe, Ian Siu and John Byford. Erdington on their own took more medals than several of the contries that had entered the tournament, if anyone knows of any club that took more medals, please let us know.

The juniors were in action on Saturday at the Samurai Minimon Team event. Alison Hughes, Kirsty Johnson and Ebony Drysdale-Daley (the Rugrats) took gold with Kirsty winning every fight. Lulu Piovesana, Courtney Culkin took bronze, as did George Bramhall, Tom Byford and Stacie Williams

Sunday was the BJA South West at Gloucester. Craig Homer took bronze, Nicola Haywood silver and Mehran Hafezi silver
Monday, 12 June 2006
Nicola Haywood, Nicholi Drysdale-Daley and 2A's Daniel Powell travelled out to the Venray Tournament in Holland this weekend. Representing the BJC National Squad, Nicola took silver and Nicholi just missed out on the bronze medal. Daniel took gold representing the BJA Midlands Area Squad. A great turnout and good result from the club.

Craig Homer travelled up to the English Open on Sunday. He came up against some tough opposition and missed out on the medals but it was good to have a representative from Erdington at the event.

To add to another busy weekend we also had Midlands Area Training on Saturday, and National Squad Training on Sunday - Andy and Les were coaching at both.
Monday, 5 June 2006
Saturday was the Sasakawa Junior Open at Kidderminster. With only one contest area it was a very long day but lots of good fighting and plenty of exitement helped the time pass. Kirsty and Alison met in the semi-final of the girls under 45kgs which finished with Kirsty taking silver and Alison bronze.

Straight after the comp it was off to Jackie and Steve's 25th wedding anniversary at the St Mary and John's social club. Another fabulous night with the 2A's and Erdington dancing on into the small hours. Congratulations and many thanks to Jackie and Steve for a fabulous night.
Monday, 22 April 2006
Saturday was the British Masters event in High Wycombe. Player of the day was John Byford who put in a fabulous performance to take the gold. Jay Allen and Steve Ashford took silver and Mike Fyfe bronze. The standard at the Masters events is getting better and better so it's good to know we're still up there with the best.

Alison spent the weekend representing the AJA National Squad in Holland. She just missed out on the medals but put in a very respectable performance. Well done to Alison for earning her place on the AJA National Squad. In view of this and many recent contest achievements (including 2 national titles), Alison has been awarded her Junior Green Belt.

Nicholi Drysdale travelled to Gatwick for the weekend representing the BJA Midlands Area Team. The team finished 2nd overall and Nicholi won all of his fights.

With Andy and Les coaching the BJC Midland Area Squad training on Sunday, it was another busy and very successful weekend for Erdington.
Sunday, 9 April 2006
Two National Champions! Alison Hughes took gold in the u45kg and Nicholi Drysdale retained the espoir gold at the BJC Junior Nationals in Hereford. Stacy Williams continued to perform well taking silver in the over 31kg primary grades and Chloe Foster took bronze in the under 28kg. Daniel Hemming was too young for the BJC Nationals so he joined the 2A's at the AJA Eastern Area Open and took bronze.

Sunday, 9 April 2006
St Ives Easter Course. This year marked the end of an era for Andy and Les who passed their contest 5th Dan grades and will never fight to grade in the BJC again. There was also a long overdue 2nd Dan for Den Drysdale, 3rd Dan for Chris Allen, 2nd Dan for Craig Homer, Blue Belt for Ali Zholgar and Green for Matt Saebi. A very successful and proud day for Erdington.

Things didn't stop there as it was then on to the course party. A good effort for this years fancy dress (wrestlers), especially from Tad, meant that Neil Roode and his bumpkin friends were totally outclassed. That said, the competition was poor this year as they had all got their costumes from Neil's wardrobe. Partying went on until very late followed by Tony Underwood's 'Amazing Vacuum Cleaner Show'.

It was really nice to see Gregory Jarry for the weekend, he'd travelled from Paris to attend the course and spend some time away from burning shops and cars.
Sunday, 9 April 2006
Two junior events today and two gold medals! Alison Hughes took gold at the AJA Midlands Area Closed representing the 2A's, and Ebony took gold at the Samurai Girls Mini-Mon.

Monday, 3 April 2006
Yesterday was the BJC Grade and Veterans event which was held this year in Luton. Players of the day were Mike Fyfe and Craig Homer. Mike won all his fights including a fight against a heavyweight 5th Dan by ippon, and as a result took the gold and was awarded his 2nd Dan. Craig also won every fight by ippon and took gold but narrowly missed out on enough points for an automatic grade due to a player withdrawing from the event. Andy and Les took gold and silver in the 3rd dan and above event - Andy beating Les in the final with a shabby kata-guruma that somehow managed to scrape a score (I think that's how it happened - my memory isn't all it was). It was a great result for the club in what was a very strong category. Nicholi Drysdale-Daley took gold and was awarded his blue belt in a suprisingly strong green belt group, and there were also bronze medals for Nicola Haywood and Chris Allen. 7 players entered and 7 medals - another great day.

Monday, 6 March 2006
There were a few shocking results at the Samurai Mini-Mon, Kyu Grade and Masters event at Walsall yesterday, some good, some bad. A missing licence ended the day early for up and coming junior Stacy Williams, then there was an early disqualification for gold medal hopeful Alison Hughes due to a coaching error. Ashley Hughes brightened things up with a fabulous tomo-nage and then Ebony put in a great performance to take silver. Senior newcomers James and John (Pinky and Perky) stormed through a tough 81kg category to take gold and bronze (John taking gold with a big ippon within the first 30 seconds). Ali put in a great performance in the under 90kg, after becoming player number 3 this year to throw-up he went on to beat Nicholi in a ferocious final. Mike Fyfe lead the Erdington domination of the veterans open weight taking gold, followed by John Byford with silver and Chris Allen with bronze. There was also gold for Nicola and Tony, Silver for Warren and Steve (Steve fighting for the 2A's) and bronze for Matt Saebi.

Monday, 27 February 2006
Alison Hughes and Stephen Bowden were fighting at the weekend in the AJA Midlands Competition at Castle Vale. It was a great result as both players took gold - the first of many golds we hope for Stephen and part of a rapidly growing collection for Alison!

Northern Home Counties

Tuesday, 14 February 2006
Thanks to a grant form Erdington and Stockland Green Neighbourhood Renewal Funding we now have a brand new wall to wall tatami. The new mats look fantastic and were installed on top of the old ones, so they provide an even softer landing too! We're now trying to get enough money together to buy a new portable mat system, so that we don't have to take our nice new mats up when we start travelling around to demonstrations in the summer. After paying for our new mats, there was enough left over in the grant to pay for half of the portable system, we still need to raise a bit more money for the rest! Thanks to Alison and Albert for all their help.

Monday, 13 February 2006
'Dare to Dream' was the theme of this years London Judo International, refering to the 2012 Olympic Judo which will be held at the same venue. Teaming up with the 2A's we knew we had a strong squad but we exceeded all our expectations when we came 1st in the Masters category, and 3rd in the overall tournament. Individual results were as follows:
Daniel Powell - Boys under 27kg gold
Lulu Piovesana - Girls under 32kg gold
Chloe Powell - Girls under 45kg gold
Ebony Drysdale - Girls over 52kg gold
Steve Ashford - Masters u73kg gold
Les Eacock - Dan grade under 90kg gold
Jason Allen - Masters under 90kg silver
Nicola Haywood - Young ladies under 57kg bronze and Dan grade under 57kg silver
Charlie Clarke - Boys under 25kg bronze
Stacie Williams - Boys over 40kg bronze
Nicholi Drysdale-Daley - Young Mens under 81kg bronze and senior kyu grade bronze
Denneth Drysdale - Masters under 90kg bronze
Monday, 30 January 2006
John Byford took silver in the over 100kg event at the North West Senior Open. Colin Brearly and Laurie Day were eventually forced to retire from the competition due to delays and a restart in their event.
Monday, 16 January 2006
Nicholi and Nicola got off to a tough start to 2006 with the Elite Junior Trials at Walsall Campus. They both managed good first round wins but came against serious opposition in the second round. They both worked very hard and we're not out of place at this high level of competition.
Monday, 12 December 2005
Sunday sealed the end of a tremendous year of senior competition and fittingly it was Andy, Les, Craig and Nicola at the Midland Area Intercounties Championships. Bronze went to Craig Homer (under 73kg) and Nicola Haywood (under 57kg) and silver to Andy Marshall (under 73kg) and fatty Les Eacock (open weight). Now it's a couple of weeks rest before it starts all over again!
Monday, 5 December 2005
Sunday was the AJA Age Championships at Castle Vale. We had a great turnout for the event with 15 players representing us! There were gold medals for Aimee Byford, Ebony Drysdale-Daley and Nicholi Drysdale-Daley, silver medals for Megan Phillips, Patrick Ryan, Alison Hughes and Kirsty Johnson and bronze medals for Stephen Bowden, Stacie Williams and Shannon Ryan. Daniel Powell, Lulu Piovesana and Chloe Powell fought really well and took gold medals representing the 2A's. There were also impressive performances from Ashley Hughes and Daniel Foster in a very tough pool.
Monday, 28 November 2005
The Christmas party was another belter this year with 130 people attending! We raised nearly 300 with the raffle and wristband sales, thanks to all those who donated the generous raffle prizes. Unfortunately the food and service this year was pretty bad, but we managed to have a great night regardless! Annual awards were made as follows: Junior Male Judoka: Daniel Powell, Junior Female Judoka: Megan Phillips, Overall Junior Judoka: Alison Hughes, Den Drysdale Award: Angie Hughes, Players Player: Craig Homer, John Cole Award: Steve Ashford, Special Players Player Award: Nicola Haywood, Inspirational Judoka: Thomas Phillips. Thanks again to John and Carol Byford for feeding and looking after the late party goers until 5am!

Somehow Alison Hughes and Stephen Bowden managed to get themselves to Leicester on Sunday for an AJA Competition! Alison took silver in the under 45kg, then bronze in the under 50kg. Stephen took bronze in the under 25kg. Well done to both of them for making the extra special effort and doing so well.
Monday, 21 November 2005
Once again Erdington stormed the BJC Nationals at Hereford. 13 players brought home 14 medals: gold for Andy Marshall, Nicola Haywood and Zviad Dzinchardze, silver for Nick Wynne, Tony Sawar, Craig Homer, Nicholi Drysdale-Daley and Jason Allen, and bronze medals for Nicholi Drysdale-Daley (open event), Nicola Haywood (open event), Anthony Buckley, Clive Biggs, Adam Ashford and Zviad Dzincharadze (open event).

This could be the last time we make such an impact on the event as many players are finding the BJC judogi restrictions hard to comply with. Many IJF approved kits will not be allowed on the mat at next years event due to rules on branding, back patches and player names.
Monday, 14 November 2005
What a tough day we had at the Elite Performance Squad Trials! Nicola Haywood and Les Eacock won a fight each which concluded the successes for the club! With British Squad places up for grabs the competition was fierce, however it was a fabulous event to be part of and the Erdington players who entered had earned their places in the line-up. A big congratulations to everyone.
Monday, 7 November 2005
The European Masters Tournament turned out to be a very long winded affair with both the Friday weigh-in and the Saturday fighting going on late into the night. Despite the difficult conditions we managed silver for Andy Marshall and Steve Ashford and bronze for Les Eacock - all three confirming their positions as top British players in their class.
Monday, 31 October 2005
Saturday was the Bev Price Team Championships at the Walsall Campus. The standard of this years competition was the best yet, with World Champion Craig Fallon representing the eventual winners Hardy Spicers. The mens teams fought really well and the team of Andy Marshall, Jay Allen and Laurie Day narrowly missed the medals finishing 5th.

Alison Hughes fought on the junior girls team who managed an impressive bronze at the event, while Thomas Slack had a brilliant day but his team just missed the medals.
Monday, 31 October 2005
We had a great time at the Ocean State International and finished an impressive 4th overall. The competition started on Saturday morning with 2A's Lulu Piovesana, Chloe Powell and Daniel Powell taking 2 gold medals each. Megan Philips stepped up next to win bronze in the weight class above her own, then the seniors got started in the team events. Nicola Haywood fought for the Mayo Quanchi team and helped them to a bronze medal, then the Erdington mens team (Nick Wynne, Ian Siu, Craig Homer, Les Eacock, Nicholi Drysdale-Daley and Denneth Drysdale) fought a long battle to also take bronze.

Sunday began well with Kirsty Johnson taking bronze in the under 44kg, then it was the masters events. There were bronze medals for Ian and Den, silver for Craig and gold for Les. Nick took silver in the individual categories, Nicholi took silver and Nicola took another bronze in the Juvenile divisions.

With the competition behind us it was off to New York for some sight-seeing! Staying 2 blocks from Central Park gave us a great starting point - half an hour from the jumbo toy shop on Times Square! It was cold and wet and we hadn't a clue where we were going or how to get there, but it was great fun making things up as we went along!

Many thanks to the Mayo Quanchi Judo Club for doing such a great job of organising the tournament. We'd also like to thank the West Bromwich Building Society for their generous donation which helped pay for the flights for the junior players.

There's photos and full results from the tournament on the Mayo Quanchi website:
Monday, 17 October 2005
Sunday was the AJA National Team Championship at Castle Vale. We entered a lightweight and a middleweight team and came away with bronze medals for each. Both teams were 2 players short and had a player fighting above their weight group - Daniel Foster was giving away 5kg to fight under 32kg and Alison Hughes was giving away 10kg to fight under 50kg. Throw of the day has to go to Daniel Hemming for a stunning Tomoe-Nage that came from nowhere, and performance of the day should go to Alison for stepping in as a last minute replacement and beating some tough older and heavier boys. There were also great performances from Thomas Slack (in one fight alone he should have scored a minimum 4 ippon throws), Kirsty Johnson (showing just as much power and dominance in her new weight class), Daniel Foster (threw a great kata-guruma/ko-uchi combination) and Ashley Hughes found his form at just the right moment and is beginning to show his potential.
Monday, 3 October 2005
It was a busy weekend with the seniors fighting at the Welsh Open on Saturday and the Midland Area Open at Castle Vale Leisure Centre on Sunday. The Welsh turned out to be a very tough affair for everyone though we still managed 2 medals with a gold medal for Zviad Dzincharadze in the over 100kg category and a bronze for Nicola Haywood in the under 52kg.

Sunday was a better day as we fought alongside players from the 2A's. There were golds for Megan Phillips, Chloe Powell, Daniel Powell, Tom Page, 2 for Nicola Haywood and 2 for Nicholi Drysdale-Daley. Silver went to Lulu Piovesana and Ebony Drysdale-Daley and bronze went to Ashley Hughes, Alison Hughes and Thomas Slack.
Monday, 26 September 2005
Sunday was the BJC Inter-County Championships in Leicester and Erdington was well represented throughout the teams. Nicola Haywood won all her fights to help the Newcastle girls team to gold in the dan grade section. Nicholi Drysdale-Daley also won every fight taking the mens kyu grade team to gold. The mens dan grade team included Erdington players Ian Siu, Adam Ashford and Andy Marshall who took silver. Megan Phillips and Lulu Piovesana (2A's) fought in the primary girls team who took gold, Daniel Powell (2A's), Alison 'Fish-Head' Hughes and Thomas Slack won all their fights and finished with bronze in their respective teams.
Monday, 19 September 2005
We've been having a few good results recently, but this weekend was incredible! Saturday was the British Masters in Norwich and we took a staggering 9 medals from 13 entries. Andy Marshall, Clive Biggs (Solihull) Steve Ashford (2A's) and Les Eacock took gold and automatically qualify for the 2006 Commonwealth Championships in Northern Ireland. Ian Siu, Craig Homer and Mehran Hafezi took silver and Lynn Wyle, Colin Brearly (Long Eaton), Rob Holden (3K's) and John Byford took bronze. There was an impressive return to contest Judo from Joe Johnson who narrowly missed out on a medal placing.

The Junior players were in action at the Bushi Tournament at Castle Vale on Sunday. Daniel Hemming started the day off well with a bronze medal. Bronze medals were also won by Shannon Ryan, Ashley Hughes, Tom Byford and Ebony Drysdale-Daley. Silver medals were won by Alison Hughes and Kirsty Johnson and Nicholi Drysdale-Daley rounded things off nicely with a gold medal in the under 18's and another in the senior open weight.
Monday, 12 September 2005
Yesterday was the BJA Heart of England at the NIA. There were golds for Zviad Dzincharadze in the over 100kg and Ebony Drysdale-Daley in the over 45kg (aged 8-9yrs). Bronze medals went to Kelly Lansbury in the under 70kg and Nicholi Drysdale-Daley in the espoirs under 81kg. Les Eacock lost the under 81kg bronze final to Fred Harris to finish in 5th place. It was a good turnout from the club and some great results. It was also the first day we tested the club tracksuits and the feedback so far has been very good!
Monday, 5 September 2005
Congratulations to Mike and Debbie Fyfe who got married on Saturday. John and Carol put on a fabulous spread at the Four Oaks pub, and the evening at The Superleague was great fun. Erdington ruled the Dance floor as usual and Tad wowed the party revellers with his dynamic moves (watch and learn kids!). Big thanks to Mike and Debbie for inviting us all, everyone had a great time!
Monday, 29 August 2005
We had the perfect weekend for our annual camping trip to Blackwell. Thanks to Den and his family for getting there early on Friday and setting up the BBQ fires (and feeding most of us). The outdoor pool was back to its cold state again this year, but was made more tolerable by equally freezing showers! Well done to Simon and Thomas for being the first team to correctly finish the orienteering course, though there were strong protests from Nicholi Jnr who feels that getting it all wrong shouldn't take away from the fact that his team went fast. There was added excitement at the grass-sledging thanks to Andy's scooter and the clown-rolling races (bruises all round there), and Den's relay races did a good job of wearing down the juniors. The extra days and great weather made it a more relaxing weekend than usual, plenty of time to lie around and soak up the sun (or soak up each other with the water guns!). Looks like the bank holiday weekend will be the choice for next years camp - lets hope Andy has a new pair of shoes by then.
Sunday, 14 August 2005
We finished the public displays for the year yesterday with a great day at the Pallasades in Birmingham. The Mall staff made us very welcome and were incredibly helpful. Thanks to everyone who took part or came to offer support, we know it was a very long day!
Monday, 24 July 2005
The second half of the senior competition season started yesterday with the North Wales Open Championship at Queensferry. Adam Ashford slimmed down to fight under 66kg for this event and it proved to be a great move as he stormed his way to gold. Les Eacock took gold in the under 81kg and was awarded player of the day after a tough final with Rob Sabella. After a twelve month break, John Byford had a good comeback with silver in the over 100kg. There were also silvers for Nicola Haywood in the under 57kg and Kelly Lansbury in the under 70kg. Mike Fyfe took bronze in the under 90kg as did Andy Marshall in a very strong under 73kg group. Tad Ukai, Craig Homer and Tony Sawar had great fights and contributed to another fine display from Erdington.
Monday, 04 July 2005
Gold medals this week for Daniel Hemming, Nicola Haywood, and Kelly Lansbury at the BJC Leicestershire Open. Daniel confidently won the under 20kg category and made it look easy. Nicola won a fabulous fight against Mykaela Reilly (Blyth Juno Michi) and went on to gold in the under 63kg. Kelly won the under 70kg and is beginning to look formidable at this weight. Nicholi Jnr took silver in the under 90kg kyu grades following a surprise defeat in the final. Alison Hughes and Ebony Drysdale-Daley both fought their way to bronze medals in the under 40kg and 55kg respectively. Ashley Hughes, Daniel Foster and Jennifer Foster finished outside the medals but all showed improved performances.
Monday, 27 June 2005
Blyth Juno Michi denied Erdington of 2 gold medals yesterday at the BJC Welsh Open. Alison Hughes lost to Laura Barnett in the final of the under 40kg and Nicola Haywood was caught by Mykaela Reilly in the final of the under 60kg espoirs, having been moved up a weight group due to low numbers. Alison and Nicola had no other problems in their groups and won everything with straight ippons. Daniel Powell put right the problems from the previous BJC Nationals and stormed through to Gold in the under 25kg. Kirsty Johnson just missed out on the bronze medal in the under 45kg, the weight group above her usual category, losing by the smallest possible margin to the eventual gold medallist. Daniel Foster, Ashley Hughes and Jenny Foster all had tough fights but showed good spirit at what is a major BJC event.
Monday, 19 June 2005
Things are getting better and better for Erdington this year. Yesterday we had 14 seniors fighting at the BJA Western Area Open (identification event) and we came away with 3 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals. Kelly won the under 70kg final with a sweet combination, Zviad beat an old adversary in an incredible final to win the over 100kg category, and Fred Harris beat RAF team-mate Rob Sabella in the final of the under 81kgs. Nicholi Jnr took silver at his first major senior event in the under 90kg category, along with Nicola in the under 57kg (getting a nice cauliflower ear in the process), Andy in the under 73kg, and Rob in the under 81kg. Ian took a well earned bronze in the under 66kg along with Les in the under 81kg (after narrowly avoiding a very slick strangle from Tad in the 3rd round). Aged only 16 and 17 Nicholi and Nicola can be especially proud of their achievements.

The juniors were also in action at the Cobra competition at Castle Vale, and once again Alison Hughes showed her great potential taking silver in the under 40kg - losing the final to Erdington regular Chloe Powell (2A's). Daniel Hemming and Stephen Bowden both fought well to take bronze in the under 22kg. Thomas Slack, Ebony Drysdale-Daley, Ashley Hughes and Daniel Foster also put in good performances.
Monday, 13 June 2005
Five juniors represented the club on Saturday at the Samurai Mini-Mon Tournament. Paige started well but suffered a bad fall and had to pull out. Kirsty and Lulu (2A's and Erdington) were in great form and both took gold. Ebony took silver in her group following a very contraversial final, and then gold in an amalgamated weight group. Thomas once again showed his technical ability and finished in bronze medal position. The players were helped along by some great support from coaches, families and other players who'd turned up to cheers them on. Another proud day for everyone involved in the club.
Monday, 6 June 2005
Zviad was back in action this weekend, taking gold in the over 100kg at the BJA English Open at Fenton Manor. Nicola and Les took bronze medals and there were good performances from all who entered. Elsewhere Den and Lisa represented the club on the Great Midlands Fun Run, well done for all their hard work and training.
Monday, 23 May 2005
Kirsty and Nicholi took gold in the AJA Nationals at Castle Vale yesterday. A great day all round for the club with 11 juniors entered and 8 trophies won.
Monday, 16 May 2005
Andy and Les were in Dunkirk at the weekend taking a battering for the BJC National Squad. The five man team struggled in their opening fights and failed to get through to the second round. Erdington regular Aaron Harrison (Quorn Judo Club) was on the Junior squad who fared better but didn't manage to reach the medal positions. Aaron learned a valuable lesson on the consequences of using Neil Roode's toothbrush to clean a toilet - Neil used Aaron's head to clean the toilet on the ferry home.
Sunday, 08 May 2005
Three juniors represented the club today at the AJA Leicestershire Open. Meagan Phillips and Kirsty Johnson were in great form and both took Gold. Daniel Hemming was giving away a few kilograms (weighing in at only 19kg) but still managed a Bronze medal thanks to some great technical Judo.
Monday, 02 May 2005
We had a tough time at the BJC Junior Nationals yesterday in Hereford. Erdington and 2A's player Daniel Powell was the star of the day with his trademark display of ippon Judo - unfortunately losing the final to a technical disqualification. Nicola Haywood took a well fought silver medal despite her group being combined with the weight group above, losing the final to an on-form Mykaela Reilly (Blyth Juno Michi). Nicholi Drysdale rounded off the day with a bronze medal in the over 71kg espoir category, following two close losses by decision. Alison Hughes had another impressive day with two wins, and it was only her second ever tournament. Ashley Hughes, Thomas Slack, Kirsty Johnson and Ebony Daley also put in good performances.
Tuesday, 19 April 2005
Sunday was the BJC Midlands Area Tournament and we took the shield for top Midlands Club. We had 29 players entered and came away with 24 medals, including 9 gold. Gold medals went to juniors Kirsty Johnson, Thomas Slack, Patrick Ryan, Daniel Hemming and Nicholi Drysdale-Daley, and seniors Kelly Lansbury, Ali Zolghadr, Tony Sawar and Fred Harris. A fantastic display from all who entered.
Tuesday, 12 April 2005
Erdington sent 3 players to Italy last week to represent the BJC National Squad at the Citta di Forli Judo International. Anthony Buckley took an individual 5th place (under 66kg), Les Eacock took bronze (under 81kg) and Nicholi Drysdale-Daley took an impressive gold (junior open weight) on his squad debut. These placings helped the BJC squad to an overall 4th place. Due to the success of the team, the 4 day trip should now become a regular feature on the BJC calendar.
Thursday, 17 March 2005
Well done everyone who fought the Southern Area at Crystal Palace last weekend, 10 players 7 medals. Steve Ashford Masters u73kg gold, Ian Siu u66kg masters bronze, Tony Sawar u73kg kyu gold, Fred Harris u81kg senior silver, Andy Marshall u73kg senior silver, Rob Sabella u81kg senior bronze, Nicola Haywood u57kg senior bronze.
Tuesday, 01 March 2005
Last Sunday was the Northern Home Counties Championship at High Wycombe. Andy secured 4 ranking points with a bronze medal in the under 73kg and Les got 2 points for 5th place in the under 81kg. Tim, Adam, Craig and Nicola also put in good performances at what was another very tough competition.
Monday, 14 February 2005
It was a tough weekend at the Millennium Tournament at the Excel Centre. Juniors Page and Jack Smith started things off early on Saturday but found the competition pretty fierce. Daniel Powell looked to be cruising through to the final but got caught late on and finished in bronze medal position. Steve Ashford fought later and took gold in the under 73kg masters, then it was back to the hotel for food, drink and a good nights rest! Thomas Slack fought very well to start Sunday off, but again met with some tough opposition. Ebony and Nicholi Drysdale were next up and they were a lot more at home - both taking silver medals. Leicester's Rebecca Emmerson put in a great performance to take gold, then it was the senior contests: Andy Marshall, Tim Ford, Craig Homer, Adam Ashford, Nicola Haywood, Les Eacock and Nick Holmes took part (Kelly Lansbury had to pull out due to a last minute shoulder injury), Andy and Les took bronze medals in the under 66 and 81kg respectively. This years event seemed to be the strongest yet with over 1,350 entries. Fortunately we still managed to have a great time!
Tuesday, 08 February 2005
Saturday night was our New Year Party! We raised £300 with the entry fee, raffle and waxing, £200 of which will be going to the Tsunami appeal at St Mary and John's Church. Thanks to DJs 'The Towers of Power', Marian and Lizzie for the professional and painless waxing, Hardy's social club, everyone who brought raffle prizes, Chris, Stuart, Den, Andy, Les and Milky for accepting the waxing and everyone who came to support us and contribute to the fund raising. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!!
Tuesday, 01 February 2005
10 seniors competed in the first ranking tournament of the year on Sunday - the North West Area Senior Open. There was a gold for Steve (vets under 73kg), silver for Tony (vets under 73kg), silver for Les (under 81kg) and Fred took bronze (under 90kg) representing the RAF. It was a tough event but everyone fought well and were a credit to the club.
Wednesday, 26 January 2005
Sunday was the first competition for 2005 and the club had a very good start. It was a long drive to Salisbury, especially tough for the juniors who had to leave at 5.30am! From 12 entries we took 10 medals which was quite an achievement - golds went to Nicholi (Junior over 66kg), Nicola (under 57kg), Andy (under 73kg) and Steve (vets under 73kg). Les took silver (under81kg) and there were bronzes for Ebony (junior under 50kg), Kelly (under 70kg), Tim (under 60kg), Craig (under 73kg) and Adam (under 73kg) . Tad (under 81kg) and Nicholi (vets under 90kg) fought very well but finished outside the top 4.
Monday, 13 December 2004
The seniors finished off a great year of competition with a successful day at the Inter-County Championships in Walsall. The West Midlands won the event overall and our contribution was as follows: Nicola Haywood - Gold, Kelly Lansbury - Gold, Ian Siu - Bronze, Andy Marshall - Silver and Les Eacock - Bronze. The most memorable fight of the day was Andy's final. Andy went ahead in the first few seconds with a nice Yoko-Tomonage only to be unfairly penalised twice for dropping and once for adjusting his kit. This drew the fight level and it went to the golden score - probably the fastest golden score ever as Andy received a penalty for adjusting his kit before he had stepped towards his opponent!
Monday, 13 December 2004
Sunday 5th December. 12 juniors fought at the Burntwood in the Meiji Tournament today. Nicholi and Ebony took Gold in their categories and there were also medals for Shannon, Paige, Daniel, Thomas, Stephen, Megan and Patrick. Full details soon.....
Sunday, 05 December 2004
Weds 1st Dec, great night with 38 snrs on the mat. Thanks to the RAF squad for visiting. Great bunch of lads, welcome anytime.
Sunday, 28 November 2004
Thanks everyone for making the Christmas meal a tremendous success. We raised £365 on the raffle and the partying went on until 4.30am for the seriously hard core! Awards were presented as follows: Junior Male Judoka - Ashley Hughes, Junior Female Judoka - Shannon Ryan, Overall Junior Judoka - Nicholi Daley, Player's Player - Nicholi Daley, the new Den Drysdale Award - Den Drysdale (surprisingly), and the John Cole Award - John Byford. Thomas Phillips received a special award for his outstanding efforts at the club.
Thursday, 25 November 2004
Hi guys and gals, get your thinking caps on. Sat nite the seniors have got to vote for their "players player" of 2004. See you sat !!!
Sunday, 21 November 2004
Today was the AJA Midland Area Age Championships at Castle Vale. Ebony and Nicholi took gold once again, Stephen Bowden fought well and took silver, and little Megan Phillips took bronze. Thomas Slack did well against much bigger opponents and finished in 5th place.
Friday, 19 November 2004
We've confirmed 130 people for the Christmas meal on the 27th November. Looking forward to a great night.
Monday, 15 November 2004
11 Erdington players entered the BJC Senior National Championships at Hereford yesterday, we took an incredible 12 medals between us, including a clean sweep in the Under 73kg category. Here's the full list: Nicola Haywood - Under 57kg Dan Grade Silver, Kelly Lansbury - Under 70kg Dan Grade Gold and Dan Grade Open Silver, Tony Harris Under 73kg Kyu grade Gold, Ian Siu - Under 66kg Dan Grade Silver, Anthony Buckley - Under 73kg Dan Grade Bronze, Steve Ashford - Under 73kg Dan Grade Bronze, Adam Ashford - Under 73kg Dan Grade Silver, Andy Marshall - Under 73kg Dan Grade Gold, Dave Coates - Under 81kg Dan Grade Gold, Fred Harris - Under 90kg Dan Grade Gold & Les Eacock - Dan Grade Open Gold. That's 6 National Champions!

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